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Why parallelism is not desired in OLTP database enviornment.

 a) Many time out of date statistics or missing indexes can lead to parallelism in OLTP environment. Contrarily to OALP in most OLTP environment a transaction touches few numbers of rows so large table sca n is not desired which … Continue reading

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SQL Server Backup Compression Also Available in Standard Edition

OK I was under the impression that SQL Server backup compression is only available in enterprise edition only, however starting with SQL Server 2008 R2 backup compression is also available in standard edition.  Here is MSDN BOL that confirms that “Backup … Continue reading

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How to upgrade from evaluation or trial edition to full or retail edition of SQL Server

When the evaluation period for your SQL Server 2008 Evaluation edition expires, you will notice the following symptoms: SQL Server service fails to start. The following message is logged in the Windows Application log: SQL Server evaluation period has expired … Continue reading

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SQL Server Error Message: Cannot Generate SSPI Context

Cannot generate SSPI context means SQL server failed to authenticate (when using Windows Authentication) with your active directory or your  Active Directory Server is not responsive. Please talk to your ISP or network administrator trying to get your Active Directory server in a better … Continue reading

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